Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy Arbitrary Earth Revolution Day!

I'm not typically a New Year's Resolution type person, but this year's reinvention happens to coincide with what I've always referred to as Arbitrary Earth Revolution Day.

Out with the old and in with the new.

Indeed. My stinky old roommate is moving out today.

I've always felt that you're supposed to take stuff away from relationships, some tidbit of wisdom shared. I've learned so much from the people in my life, but I can honestly say that my old roommate, 55 years old and with a Master's degree, had absolutely zero wisdom to impart. He's very awkward with people and has a past filled with failed relationships most of which grossly subjected to projection and the blame game. All that charm, plus he thinks he knows it all so doesn't take any more away from a relationship than he gives

My new roommate is a delight. I met her a few years ago in New Orleans when I was living with another friend of mine from California. She was the third roommate and my first thought was, "great, now I've got to live with some obnoxious slut."

Happily, I was wrong. In fact, I have a lot to learn from this gem of a woman.

Namely German industriousness. Whew! This is going to be a tiring year.

The one thing I do know about my old roommate is that he thinks that we're here on Earth to learn how to be stewards of Heaven. But I think you're supposed to get the Earth part right before you get to move on. Sorry dude, you're in for another round.

Not that I believe in that bullshit.

Let's get to work!

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