Sunday, December 20, 2009

I Dig Gerald Celente and A New Year's Resolution

While I'm wrapping my mind around the idea of never again working for a corporate entity (admittedly it's not a very big box to wrap, as I've always hated those bastards anyway,) I'm also struggling with the very scary thought of making enough money to survive. Or, more aptly put: what in the Hell do I have to offer the world?

Crown Moulding.

OK. I can do that.

Pretty textured paint jobs.

I can do that, too.

Ceiling murals.


Now, how to package those offerings so that they appeal to the new austerity.

According to Gerald Celente of the Trends Research Institute:

As times get tougher and money gets scarcer, one of the hottest new money-making, mood-changing, influence-shaping trends of the century will soon be born. We forecast that will be “Elegance” in its many manifestations. The trend will begin with fashion and spread through all the creative arts, as the need for beauty trumps the thrill of the thuggish. A strong, do-it-yourself aspect will make up for reduced discretionary income, as personal effort provides the means for affordable sophistication.....

Affordable sophistication. I like that. I think I'll market in that direction.
And sell all my shit on e-bay.

Things to accomplish in the new year:

Aggressively market business. Advertise. Fliers. Before and after pictures. Create website. Network.*

Continue to lose weight and get in shape (more walking, fatty!)

Work on GIMP 2

Back up computer files, already!

Read Anna Karenina

Learn new painting techniques with roommate/partner.

Work on mural painting.

Keep writing. Go back to and bid for small jobs.

Find somewhere I can volunteer and help my community (and network).*

Make yard less of a disaster.

Grow herb garden.

Move those %$#@ing 50 year old irises that aren't getting enough sunlight....before spring!

Go through all my stuff and sort out what I don't need, sell on ebay and donate the rest.

Learn to sew.

Quit smoking. - This one's gonna be hard, but screw paying hard-earned money for the pleasure of choking to death!

Plus, I'd really like a couple of chickens. So I'll need to learn something about chickening.


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