Friday, December 18, 2009

Iced, Iced Retards

I'm not a global warming cultist, and I totally get how some people (in Minnesota) want global warming, but I'm going to have a fucking ANNEUERISM if I hear one more person say, "oh it's snowing; where's your global warming now?"

Let's get this straight, retardos: WEATHER is not the equivalent of CLIMATE.

Yes, I know there's been falsified data. No, I don't trust the government on this one. That doesn't negate the fact that YOU simply are not qualified to opine on this issue, particularly if you're one of those numb nuts who keeps equating a snow flake to a potential cataclysm.

That said, I'm really not alarmed by the idea of global warming. I think they should have stuck with, you know, the real fucking problem.

Pollution. Duh.

There are dead zones off the mouths of major rivers, giant gyres of garbage in the middle of the oceans, top soil depletion, GMO pollen with seed killing technology attacking wild plants, giant pig shit ponds, pharmaceutical drugs in the water supply, etc., etc., ad fucking nauseum.

But I guess Shell Oil and Monstanto, Goldman Sachs, et al. couldn't figure out a way to profit from pollution so good old stock market-based carbon credit-trading friendly global warming it is.

You have a valid reason to be skeptical regarding the current global warming hype, but your current counter arguments are still stupid.

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