Thursday, December 17, 2009

Thoughts for Future Blog Topics

Like I mentioned before, I'm not new to this writing thing, I'm just rusty. But I promised myself that I'd write something every day. So everything I write is not going to be interesting, case in point, today's effort.

I used to be pretty damned good at my old 32 bit Micrografx art program. I could do things. Neat things. These new art programs have me befuddled, honestly. Layers? I don't know how to work in layers. I mean, I get the concept, but fuck it all if I can't seem to just draw on a goddamned panel. Merge all, damnit, merge all!

What got me started on art programs this morning had to do with the cartoon idea I had upon awaking. So, instead of drawing it out for you all, picture this:

Employee lounge, a couple of dejected looking employees sitting in there. A few flies buzzing around. Posters on the wall.

Poster #1: NO LOW CUT TOPS (boobies with a line drawn through them)
Poster #2: NO THIGH HIGH SKIRTS (you get the idea)

The employees are talking to one another about their low cut wages and sky high insurance premiums.

Poster #3: YOU'RE FIRED!

Ok, it doesn't sound as good as it looked in my head. But it was funny, damnit.

Future posts: I voluntarily live in the ghetto. Peter Rabbit hopping on my desk. My roommate stinks.

Now if you'll excuse me, I also promised myself to learn one new thing about GIMP a day, so someday I might be able to recreate my Anal Avenger (freudian) cartoon series.

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