Monday, January 4, 2010

Can Farming Save Detroit? Hell Yes It Can!

I apparently have a "thing" for apocalyptic cities, because my imagination keeps trending in that direction. I liked living in post Katrina New Orleans. It was empty and you could find parking in the French Quarter. There were small signs of its rebirth all around: spontaneous jazz funerals, the man in the veggie truck singing over his loudspeaker, "I gotta fres' wattamelon, I gotta apples anna peas, .. ." the little army of kids who marched up and down Burgundy all summer practicing on their horns, "blat blat, blop, blat . . ."

New Orleans rocks.

Thing is, in New Orleans, even after the hurricane, it was never really financially accessible to me. I want property.

So I moved to an abandoning neighborhood in Birmingham. It's semi-apocalyptic here, if that makes any sense. After growing up in California and living in New Orleans Birmingham is sort of, . . . well, . . . sucky. I mean it's ok, whatever, but at this point I could live anywhere and feel as ambivalent.

So, I've been thinking about Detroit lately. Wow, Detroit, that city is fucked up!

But, have you seen the houses there? They're gorgeous!

- and they're selling them for a dollar.

It's a thousandaire's dream!

I picture Detroit eventually drawing a population full of community-oriented, self-employed, artsy-fartsy, urban-gardening, generations Millenial, Y and Xers who are finally able to get some property at un-usurious prices. Dudes! The infrastructure is totally already there!

Apparently, somebody else with a Hell of a lot more money than me pictures something fantastic for Detroit, too.

I'm down with it.

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