Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I'm Quitting Smoking

The reason I've phrased the title the way that I have is because I haven't quit smoking all the way, yet. But I've quit buying them, and I feel too guilty (and don't know enough people here) to mooch.

Here's my breakdown:

My mate and I smoke at least three packs a day between us.

Last January they shot from 9 bucks for 3 packs to 12.50 for 3 packs.
This January they rose to 14.50 for 3 packs.

That's a low average of $435.00 a month (!!!)

Oh my freakin' GOD!!

I'm not paying black market prices for something I used to buy when I was 12 for .65 cents. The government CAN'T HAVE THAT MUCH OF MY MONEY!!!!! I QUIT!!!!

So here's how I'm doing it.

I spent some time and saved up a bunch of old butts and put them in a can. The past week, I've been re-rolling these old butts (gross!) and as a consequence intaking less and less nicotine. Less cigarettes per hour, smaller cigarettes.

Truth be told, we've bought one pack this week, on Tuesday morning. (Those we're $5.30)

Like I said, we haven't quit all the way yet, we're working up to it. Thinking about it constantly. Laying out our plan. Talking about how we can't afford to throw $400+ away every month. Drinking coffee without cigarettes now so we can overcome that particular coffee/cigarettes habitual association that makes or breaks addictions.

When the can runs out (very soon), we're done. I understand it will be three days of pretty intense detox. Whee.

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