Friday, February 12, 2010

From Bakersfield to Birmingham in a Single Leap

I might write a couple of posts today, call it making up for the fact that I haven't posted all month, or chalk it up to the idea that I have a few things on my mind (amazing!) call it whatever, it's my blog and I'll post what and when I damn well feel like it.

I miss Bakersfield. There, I said it. I grew up in Sacramento, spent some years in South San Francisco, loved living on the beach in Huntington and hanging out with my still good friends in Torrance and San Pedro, met my (ex) husband in San Diego and enjoyed living in all of those places but today, god damnit, I miss Bakersfield.

Don't get me wrong, Bakersfield *is* a total shithole and I always always always hated living there. The people are, for the most part, assholes, the scenery is FUgly and the nightlife,...well, that's populated by the aforementioned asshole people. I was never very happy there and I used to spend the vast majority of my summers down at my mother's house in San Juan Capistrano hanging out with my friends in San Pedro and Torrance, bumming at the beach, partying in the Torrance Honda warehouse and drinking at the coolest beer bar in the world: I don't remember the name. I think it was Capistrano something.

But, sitting here in Birmingham -- which is really an OK city, not great, not horrible, just OK -- waiting for the snow to fly (snow: still a novelty) I get to thinking about how much I really miss Bakersfield. Mind you, I don't miss Bakersfield proper, I miss Cow Flat; Last Chance Canyon; Greg, Gary, Bear, Dave, Judy, Dean, and Jeff; Rockhounding with Jason; The stars on a clear night; watching meteor showers in the Mojave; LOW HUMIDITY! Early springtime; The smell of orange orchards; Being able to sit outside without being a mosquito buffet; Swimming in the Kern; My medical marijuana card; Studying Geology; my kids (who now live in San Diego--lucky bastards). I miss it. I miss it all. The people I knew: I miss them all.

Note to self: I wish I could find Gary Berry. Send Greg (1501 P) a "hi."

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Oh Goodie! Another War On the Horizon

Blah blah blah blah Iran, blah blah enriched uranium blah blah weapons of mass destruction blah blah make the world safe for democracy blah al Queda blah blah blah.

We are so totally screwed.